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What are the precautions for the purchase of aluminum shells in CNC machining

What are the precautions when purchasing aluminum profiles? The following editor will explain to you:    1. Check the product delivery certificate, pay attention to the date of delivery, specifications, technical conditions, company name machined aluminum plate and production license number.   2. Observe the appearance of the product carefully. The product should be bright in […]

What should I pay attention to when machining aluminum parts by cnc?

Paying attention to some details when CNC machining aluminum parts can avoid quality problems of aluminum parts and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. What should we pay attention to before CNC machining? 1. For the new mold, the plastic machining inc drawing must meet the requirements and the data must be clear; the […]

Advantages of ABS plastic hand plate

1. As one of the most widely used plastics, ABS has good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.   Use ABS as a hand plate. During processing, the relative density is about 1.05, and it is not easy to absorb water. When large parts need to be disassembled for processing, the […]

Application of UHMWPE

As UHMWPE has many excellent properties, it has shown great advantages in the high-performance fiber market, including from offshore oilfield mooring ropes to high-performance lightweight composite materials, and has shown great advantages in modern warfare and aviation, Aerospace, maritime defense equipment and other fields play a pivotal role. UHMWmachining can be used to create linings for […]

Features of Teflon Spray Machining

Teflon spraying process brings the benefits of the surface of the working parts. To a certain extent, Teflon spraying brings quality and safety assurance to the workpiece. The main reason is that Teflon spraying can make the surface of the workpiece wear-resistant and resistant. Various special properties such as heat, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, sealing, […]

Application of PPS

  Because PPS has good heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and good chemical stability and water resistance, PPS processed products are widely used in many fields.   Applications in the electronics, electrical and electrical industries   PPS was first applied to electrical connectors and electrical parts, because PPS has a high heat distortion temperature, good […]