Because PPS has good heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and good chemical stability and water resistance, PPS processed products are widely used in many fields.


  1. Applications in the electronics, electrical and electrical industries


PPS was first applied to electrical connectors and electrical parts, because PPS has a high heat distortion temperature, good flame retardancy, and can be formed into long and thin parts.


  1. Application in the automotive industry


In recent years, PPS machining has been increasingly used in the automotive industry, such as engine sensors and halogen lamp sockets. Because PPS has good chemical and thermal stability, it just meets the requirements of higher engine temperature, and can be used as the shell, pipeline, joint, valve and other parts of the fuel system.


  1. Optical products


Used to make reflective mirror surfaces such as headlights, fog lights and mirrors.


  1. Application of antistatic products


General PPS is used as an insulating material. However, in recent years, PPS for various purposes, whether antistatic or conductive, has been applied. For example, the use of antistatic PPS in chemical pumps can effectively avoid explosion accidents due to the transportation of flammable and explosive fluids.


  1. Appliance application


Because PPS has high heat resistance and good electrical properties, it can be used as small switches, heater inner shells, electric doorbells, brush handles, etc.


  1. Other uses


Because PPS has good chemical stability, it has a wide range of applications in the mechanical industry, such as the pump body and internal parts of chemical pumps, valves, pipeline accessories, some parts used in oil fields, the lining of chemical towers, etc. .