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Filling the toughest prescriptions

Mechanical Finishers machining capabilities include honing, bore cleaning, milling, turning, and fabrication.

Let us mill and turn your products to your exact specifications with our 5-axis Mazak and lathe machines.

We can handle anything from one piece a month to thousands of pieces a month—whichever works best for your operations.

PTJ Machining Shop has experienced tremendous growth in mechanical in the last decade resulting from the following:

  • Strong emphasis on quality systems
  • Capable of managing complex requirements
  • Equipment that can handle challenging tolerances
  • Currently participating with the largest OEM in the world

Built For The Mechanical Industry

ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of mechanical fittings made from metal fabrication.

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A key to our success comes from resources that exceed the expectations of mechanical customers.

We are the best reviewed Titanium Machining Shop in the China.

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