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Filling the toughest prescriptions

Our optical parts precision machining service offers our clients confidence in the products they receive. Confidence is a uniquely meaningful term if you are a designer or manufacturer of optical devices.

Our In-house Cnc Experts And Machining Facilities Are Dedicated To Your Project.

Our Customers Get Robust,High Precision Metal Hardware Meeting Demanding Specifications And Schedules.

PTJ Machining Shop has experienced tremendous growth in optical in the last decade resulting from the following:

  • Strong emphasis on quality systems
  • Capable of managing complex requirements
  • Equipment that can handle challenging tolerances
  • Currently participating with the largest OEM in the world

Built For The Optical Industry

Our Personnel Have Over 10 Years Test Optical Parts Precision Experience.Their Knowledge,Coupled With Our In-House CMM And Testing Equipment Ensures Precisely Aligned,Optical Systems.

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A key to our success comes from resources that exceed the expectations of optical customers.

We are the best reviewed Titanium Machining Shop in the China.

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