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Our Serviced Industry

PTJ Machining has the expertise to handle all your complex CNC machining needs. Our business portfolio and mature quality systems allow us to serve a variety of industries including defense, aerospace, mining, and more.

Aircraft Industries

Titanium and titanium alloy is named as “future metal” for its excellent properties. It’s lightweight, strong and high corrosion resistant, and become a great promising material. Titanium and titanium alloy is not just widely used in plane and aerospace industry.

Medical Industries

In dental industry, titanium is used as a superior material because its good capabilities. But there is something important to be process during the manufacturing.

Automotive Industries

The material properties of titanium, including toughness, strength, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and light weight, make it a highly desirable material for automotive design engineers.

Optical Parts

Because of this steady property, as a corrosion resistant material, titanium is used more and more widely in optical parts industry.

Petroleum Industry

Except for the five organic acids, when titanium is in organic compounds, it has good stability. So in petroleum industry, titanium used as excellent structure material, such as heat exchanger, reactor, hyperbaric container etc.

Mechanical Industries

Conversely, these same attributes pose significant challenges in the machining of titanium components, resulting in rapid tool wear and limited metal-removal rates.

Cnc Milling Services

Our Horizontal and Vertical CNC Milling capabilities allow us to machine any shape, from simple to complex, using a wide range of materials.


CNC milling is used to apply a machined surface finish on plastic or metal or for creating complex 3D shapes.Looking something like a drill press, a milling machine uses a cutting tool that moves in all three dimensions, removing material to achieve the desired part shape , A block of material is placed on a moving table below the cutter. While the cutting tool turns, a computer controls the vertical (Z axis) motion of the cutter and the horizontal (X and Y axis) motion of the block of material

We are proud to provide advanced CNC machining and milling services for bank safes, kiosks, tanks, electronic component racks, custom storage racks, and more.

At PTJ Titanium Machining Shop, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. With our 15 machining centers, we can handle large volume runs, without compromising speed and quality. Please check cnc milling services with any questions.


At PTJ Titanium Machining Shop, we have the experts and the equipment to meet or exceed your expectations.Our large Vertical CNC Turning capabilities allow us to machine any shape, from simple to complex, using titanium.

We machine everything from multiple industries such as aicraft, medical and automotive.

Forging, casting or fabrication, napkin sketch to full CAD model, we have the people and experience to figure out your challenges and get it done.


Our Vertical CNC Turning machinists have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions for all your machining needs.


Properly maintained Vertical CNC Turning centers allow our machinists to produce even the most complex components.


We are committed to providing the training and resources necessary for our machinists to perform at the highest level possible.


We stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can produce only the highest quality products for our customers.

Cnc Turning Services

Our experienced machinists have the expertise and the advanced Vertical CNC Turning equipment to provide solutions to your most challenging machining needs.

5 Axis Cnc Machining Services

The 5-axis machining center allows for access to 5 sides of a part, ensuring ultimate accuracies for alignment of features from one side of the part to another. Multiple pallet system provides flexibility to have multiple parts running simultaneously.

Multi-Axis Precision Machining

Traditional machining practices for parts with critical tolerances from one side to another have been done with multiple operations involving fixtures and locating devices, all of which have inconsistencies that contribute to out of tolerance parts.

5-axis CNC machining allows for all of this to be done at one time.

The ability to 5 axis CNC machine up to five sides of a part in one operation provides for much tighter tolerances to be held, ensuring ultimate accuracies for alignment of features from one side of the part to another, therefore increasing the quality of the end product.

Multiple pallet systems such as ours (up to 40 pallets) also provide flexibility to have many different parts running simultaneously. This allows us to be flexible enough to satisfy customer delivery requirements.

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