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The oil and natural gas industry requires durable, dependable components and often encounters unexpected situations.

With over ten years of CNC experience, professionals from oil and world gas companies across the country trust PTJ Machining Shop for high levels of precision and accuracy.

We consistently produce reliable components for the most challenging of jobs. Most of our clients become lifetime partners following just one service. Our final results will exceed your expectations and improve your applications.

PTJ Machining Shop has experienced tremendous growth in Oil and Gas in the last decade resulting from the following:

  • Strong emphasis on quality systems
  • Capable of managing complex requirements
  • Equipment that can handle challenging tolerances
  • Currently participating with the largest OEM in the world

Built for the Oil and Gas Industry

At PTJ Shop, we offer a comprehensive range of precision CNC machining services for the oil and gas industry. We are capable of working with a variety of complex materials that address your challenging industry needs.

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PTJ Machining Shop is positioned well to serve the oil, gas and natural gas markets.

We are the best reviewed Titanium Machining Shop in the China.

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