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The material properties of titanium, including toughness, strength, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and light weight, make it a highly desirable material for aerospace design engineers. Conversely, these same attributes pose significant challenges in the machining of titanium components, resulting in rapid tool wear and limited metal-removal rates.

At PTJ’s Titanium Research and Development Center, engineers are developing productive and profitable solutions to overcome these challenges. Their solution is China Unique™ technology.

China Unique™ technology is changing the way manufacturers think about titanium machining. By improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies, PTJ Shop provides four times the productivity and up to nine times the tool life of conventional titanium machining processes.

PTJ Machining Shop has experienced tremendous growth in Aerospace in the last decade resulting from the following:

  • Strong emphasis on quality systems
  • Capable of managing complex requirements
  • Equipment that can handle challenging tolerances
  • Currently participating with the largest OEM in the world

Titanium Machining Technology for Complex Aerospace Parts

With rising demand for titanium in modern aircraft designs, overcoming the challenges of titanium aerospace machining matters now more than ever.

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PTJ Machining Shop delivers the critical precision CNC metal solutions that help our aerospace customers soar. Space, Commercial Aviation and Defense are just a few Industry segments we are grateful to serve in.

We are the best reviewed Titanium Machining Shop in the China.

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