TI 6AL 4V ELI Titanium Machined Parts

Ti 6Al-4V Eli Characteristics

Ti 6Al-4V Eli, also known as Grade 23, is a popular titanium alloy, ideal for parts that require strength and toughness while remaining lightweight.

 It is extremely biocompatible, making it the material of choice when fatigue and corrosion resistances are necessary.

Ti 6Al-4V Eli’s higher oxygen content results in more ductility and fracture resistance than Ti 6Al-4V, but is slightly less strong.

Industries & Applications

  • Rings
  • Fasteners
  • Aircraft parts
  • Biomedical implants
  • Aerospace components

Filling the toughest prescriptions

PTJ Shop has a reputation for machining quality parts from Ti 6Al-4V Eli. We can machine intricate parts on our CNC Swiss machines and CNC turning centers.

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Ti 6Al-4V Eli has a machining cost factor of 6.0 when compared to steel 12L14. It can be hot and cold formed, heat treated, annealed, forged, and aged. Ti 6Al-4V Eli is considered fairly weldable.

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