1. As one of the most widely used plastics, ABS has good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.


  1. Use ABS as a hand plate. During processing, the relative density is about 1.05, and it is not easy to absorb water. When large parts need to be disassembled for processing, the bonding of the disassembled parts is very strong and does not affect its strength. It is the most suitable for disassembly Processed materials.


3.ABS cnc machining materials can be used to make prototypes. Various processing methods can be used. According to the structural characteristics, we can use silica gel casting, CNC processing, or 3D printing. Its easy processing characteristics also make the cost of prototype production lower than other materials.


  1. The ABS hand plate is easy to post-process. The ABS surface color is opaque and white, but because the ABS material itself can be colored, it can be made with ABS materials in many colors. The ABS hand plate is easy to polish and the surface polishing effect can be To achieve the highlight effect.