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Matters needing attention in CNC machining process design

Matters needing attention in CNC machining process design 1CNC machining should be rough first and then refined The so-called roughing first and then finishing principle mainly refers to first increase the machining speed by roughing, and then increase the effective use of the margin by means of finishing. Specifically, rough titanium machining should be carried […]

Speed regulation method of CNC lathe machining spindle

In order to meet the requirements of the main transmission of CNC lathe machining, CNC machine tools (attribute: automated machine tools) often use a motor stepless speed regulation system. In order to expand the speed adjustment range and meet the requirements of low speed and large torque, gear stepped speed regulation and motor control The […]

Selection of Surface Machining Method for Inner Hole of CNC Lathe

There are many methods for surface machining of inner holes of CNC lathes. Commonly used are drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, turning, grinding, drawing, grinding, honing, and rolling holes. Applicable method for inner hole machining of CNC lathe machined parts: Reaming: Reaming is to use a reaming drill to further process the drilled hole to enlarge […]

What causes oil leakage in the CNC machining center?

In the process of machining, there will always be some trouble-free problems that we did not expect, but no matter what problems are encountered, we must solve them in time. The oil leakage situation is also a relatively common problem. The oil condition is actually very simple to find. It is very simple to see […]

Five stages of precision parts machining

Precision parts machining is precision machining for precision parts of precision equipment. The precision requirements are very high. This also leads us to not only understand the specific requirements of materials for parts machining 6061 aluminum, and the common skills of machining parts, but also understand precision What are the stages in the process of […]

Application range of cnc machining center

The cnc machining center is mainly suitable for workpieces with many machining procedures, complex shapes and high precision requirements. 1. Box parts: parts with more than one hole system and many cavities inside. These parts are used in machine tools, automobiles, airplanes and other industries, such as automobile engine cylinders, gearboxes, gear pump housings Body […]