In the process of machining, there will always be some trouble-free problems that we did not expect, but no matter what problems are encountered, we must solve them in time. The oil leakage situation is also a relatively common problem. The oil condition is actually very simple to find. It is very simple to see which accessory it is, because it is caused by the accessory, perhaps the oil leakage of the cylinder of the CNC lathe. If it is an accessory, the protection is very simple. If it is a cylinder, then it is very troublesome and will cause the machine tool to be scrapped. So let’s take a look at what causes the advance cnc machining center to leak oil?

1. The oil change does not meet the requirements.

Often also cause oil leakage in the CNC machining center. The problems presented in the oil change are mainly manifested in three aspects.

First, as for parts that use high-viscosity smooth oil, if you change the oil to low-viscosity smooth oil at will, it will definitely affect the sealing functions of the corresponding box and shaft hole, and sometimes greatly reduce the sealing of these parts. Sex.

Second, if the oil tank is not cleaned when changing the oil, the dirt in the oil tank may enter the smooth system, block the oil circuit, wear the seal and cause oil leakage.

Third, the oil is added too much when changing the oil, especially in the parts with rotating parts, because of the stirring effect of the rotating parts, the oil spill is more simple.

2. Inappropriate selection and adjustment of smooth system parts cause oil leakage.

For example, when the advance CNC machining and repair personnel choose the oil pump with too high pressure or excessive oil output, perhaps when adjusting the system pressure, the pressure adjustment of the overflow valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, etc. is too high, and the CNC machine tool smooth system flow If it is too large and does not match the oil return system and the sealing system, oil leakage will occur.

  • In fact, the oil leakage of the CNC machining center is not just the above points. If we encounter similar problems in operation, we must check it and find the cause in time to avoid unnecessary losses. After purchasing the machining center, do a comprehensive check to see if there are casting defects or parts damage. If there is any problem, please contact the manufacturer in time. Operators should also pay attention to the following points when using cnc machining centers to process workpieces:
    (1) Regarding the first trial cutting process of advance cnc machining, single-level operation mode should be used for machining.
    (2) When the automatic operation of the CNC milling machine starts, the rapid override and feedrate override S are at the lowest gear, and then the power is increased after cutting into the workpiece.
    (3) In the operation of the CNC milling machine machining program, it is necessary to pay attention to the coordinate display of the CNC system.
    (4) Prevent hand contact with CNC milling machine tools and chips. The chip must be cleaned with a brush.
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