The cnc machining center is mainly suitable for workpieces with many machining procedures, complex shapes and high precision requirements.

  • 1. Box parts: parts with more than one hole system and many cavities inside. These parts are used in machine tools, automobiles, airplanes and other industries, such as automobile engine cylinders, gearboxes, gear pump housings Body etc. As long as the process flow is formulated and the reasonable special fixtures and tools are used, it can solve the problems of high precision requirements for CNC machining logo of box parts, complicated procedures and improved production efficiency.
    2. Special-shaped parts: parts with irregular shapes, most of which require multi-station mixed machining of points, lines and surfaces. Such as pedestal, bracket, master model, etc. When machining such parts, the more complex the shape and the higher the accuracy requirements, the more superior the use of CNC machining logo center can be.
    3. Complicated surface parts: widely used in aviation, aerospace and transportation industries, such as aero engine propellers, integral impellers, mold cavities, etc. This kind of parts with complex curves and curved surface contours is difficult to achieve the predetermined machining accuracy by ordinary machine tools, and it is very difficult to detect. The use of multi-axis linkage cnc machining logo center, with automatic programming technology and special tools, can improve production efficiency while ensuring the accuracy of curved surfaces.