The machining center is a highly mechatronics product. It has a variety of technologies and comprehensive machining capabilities. It performs multiple cutting functions based on the use of a cutting machine. It also belongs to a compound machine tool and a CNC machine tool with more functions.

Of course, the system of a titanium machining center is not only a numerical control system, but also many other very important systems to assist machining, such as servo systems, lubrication systems, and cooling systems. The function of each system is different, except for the mechanical mechanism of the whole machine, it can only rely on these systems to form a complete cycle.

Commissioning of machining center:

1. Add oil to each lubrication point according to the requirements of the manual, fill the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil, and connect the air source.

2. Power on, each component is powered on separately or each component is powered on after a power-on test. Investigate whether each component has an alarm, manually investigate whether each component is normal, whether each safety device is working, so that all links of the machine tool can be operated and Get in motion.

3. Grouting. After initial operation, roughly adjust the precision of the machine tool, and adjust the titanium machining relative orientation of the main moving parts and the host after disassembly. Align the manipulator, tool magazine, communication workbench, position, etc. After these tasks are completed, the anchor bolts of the main engine and various accessories can be filled with quick-drying cement, and the reserved holes for the anchor bolts in various places can be filled flat.

4. Debugging. Prepare various inspection tools, such as fine level, standard square ruler, parallel square tube, etc.

5. Fine-tune the level of the machine tool to make the accuracy within the range of the error allowed. Using multi-point pad support, adjust the bed to a level in a comfortable state to ensure the stability of the bed after adjustment.

6. Use manual operation to adjust the position of the manipulator relative to the spindle, and use an adjustment mandrel. When installing a large-weight tool holder, it is necessary to carry out active communication between the tool magazine and the spindle position repeatedly to ensure accuracy and no impact.

7. Move the worktable to the communication position, adjust the relative position of the pallet station and the exchange workbench, to achieve the active communication action of the workbench is stable, and the workbench is installed with a large load for titanium machining repeated communication.

8. Check whether the setting parameters of the CNC system and the programmable manipulator PLC device match the specified data in the random data, and then test the main operating functions, safety measures, and the execution of common instructions.