The method often used in CNC machine tool control engineering is to first establish a simplified model that is as linear as possible, and then obtain the approximate characteristics of the system on this basis. If necessary, use more complex models for further research. This step-by-step approximate research method is a commonly used method in engineering. The mathematical model of CNC machine china tool control system is not all rich control systems can adopt linearization processing methods. For some systems with strong nonlinearity, it is better to use nonlinear research methods to deal with them.

Numerical control machine tools refer to machining centers with a horizontal spindle, usually with an automatic indexing rotary table. It generally has 3 to 5 motion coordinates. The common one is three linear motion coordinates plus one rotary motion coordinate. The workpiece is After the card is installed once, the processing of the remaining four surfaces except the mounting surface and the top surface is completed. It is suitable for adding box parts.
High-speed CNC machine features

  • 1. Environmental protection, no pollution. Because there will be no spray of oil and mist, the surrounding environment is not polluted
  • 2. Accurate oil supply. The oil can be delivered to the lubrication points such as the main shaft and the lead screw according to different needs by adding a regulating valve;
  • 3. There is no difficulty in atomization of high-viscosity lubricating oil; it is suitable for any oil;
  • 4. Automatic detection and monitoring. It can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal. If the lubrication is not good, it can alarm and stop to avoid abnormal operation of the equipment.
  • 5. It is especially suitable for the rolling bearing of the main shaft, with a certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the operating temperature of the bearing, thereby extending the service life of the main shaft;
  • 6. Low fuel consumption and cost saving.

The high efficiency of CNC machine tools lies not only in a sophisticated operating system, but also in a very important auxiliary function component. This is the tool magazine. The tool magazine is the container for the CNC machine tool to store tools. The tool change time of the tool magazine is relative to a machine tool. The efficiency plays an important role. Tool magazines commonly used in CNC machine tools include hat-type tool magazines and disc-type tool magazines. Disc-type tool magazines are also called robotic tool magazines or arm-type tool magazines. The spindle speed is generally very high, all above 8000rpm/min, and the spindle speed above 10000rpm/min is a high-speed spindle. The machine tool will generate a lot of heat under high-speed processing, and the heat of high chipping will adhere to the machine table and workpiece. The surface will not only affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece, but also cause damage to the machine tool, so generally the spindle will be equipped with an oil-cooled or water-cooled cooling system. The common transmission modes of spindles include belt transmission and direct transmission. Direct transmission is suitable for light cutting at high speed. For high-speed spindles, direct transmission is generally selected.