The rotational movement of the grinding wheel of a CNC horizontal lathe generally does not require speed adjustment, and it can be driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, and only one-way rotation is required. When the capacity is large, Y-triangular depressurization can be used to start. In order to ensure its cnc machining accuracy, make it run smoothly, and ensure that the inertia of the worktable is small and no impact when the reciprocating movement of the worktable is reversed, hydraulic transmission is adopted to realize the reciprocating of the worktable. Movement and lateral feed of the wheel box. The rotation speed of the grinding wheel of CNC horizontal lathe is very high, and its grinding wheel is relatively hard and brittle, and cannot withstand heavy impacts during use. Such accidental improper operation will directly cause very serious consequences. Therefore, the safety technical work of the grinding process is particularly important, and reliable safety protection devices must be adopted, and the operation must be concentrated to ensure that it is foolproof.

Use a dial indicator to set the knife. This method is a flexible use of several accessories of the lever indicator to achieve the score. The operation method is: put the clamping cap of the lever dial indicator on the spindle, and then install the dial indicator on the clamping cap. Assuming that the X axis is divided, move the machine tool table to slowly press the dial indicator to the machined surface of the workpiece, manually rotate the spindle, and observe the large value of the dial indicator (if it is not an integer, move the spindle to adjust the value of the dial indicator Is an integer), and then reset the X axis of the relative coordinate to zero; then move the spindle to the other side of the workpiece, and use the same operation method to obtain the total value of the X axis. Move the spindle to half of the total value (in the middle of the workpiece). Fixed coordinate system. The disadvantage of this method is that it takes a long time for the machine tool. When the front cnc machining depth is not enough, the edge of the blank will easily interfere with the dial indicator needle or the dial indicator will easily interfere with the vise jaw. In addition, when the Y axis is centered, observe The dial indicator value is inconvenient; the advantage is that the tool setting accuracy is higher.

Due to the fast conveying speed of the CNC horizontal lathe manipulator, the acceleration is large, and the acceleration and deceleration time is short. When transporting heavier workpieces, the inertia is large. Therefore, the servo drive motor must have sufficient driving and braking capabilities, and the supporting components must also have sufficient rigidity and strength. Only in this way can the servo motor meet the high response, high rigidity and high precision requirements of the truss manipulator conveying. Under the condition of selecting the appropriate servo motor, the CNC horizontal lathe manipulator calculates the displacement and trajectory of the servo system according to the distance of the material movement and the running rhythm, and dynamically adjusts the PID parameters of the driver.