The object to be processed must be clearly defined. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining on a cylindrical grinder: Multi-process intensive workpiece refers to a workpiece that requires many tools for processing. For workpieces with cumbersome positioning, such as a multi-spindle machining with positioning hole pitch accuracy requirements, it is easy to implement by taking advantage of the high positioning accuracy of the machine tool. Repetitive production type workpieces are suitable for single-piece small batch production. Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, each batch is not many, but repeated production is required.

Although gears have a long history, gear technology in the true sense began in the 19th century. After theoretically recognizing the superiority of involutes, the emergence of hard steel tools made cast gears that have gone through thousands of years into history, thus establishing the modern The basis of gear cylindrical grinding machine processing technology; in the late 19th century, the invention of cylindrical grinding machine processing center and gear shaper based on the generation principle solved the problem of mass production of high-precision gears, and satisfied the development of automobiles on gears. Great demand. In the past 100 years, materials and manufacturing technology have been the main driving forces for the rapid development of gear technology.

The mathematical description of the cylindrical grinder model is the mathematical model. Therefore, when establishing a mathematical model, a compromise must be made between the simplification of the model and the accuracy of the analysis results. This requires not only a wealth of practical experience and a solid theoretical foundation, but also certain processing skills. The modeling process of the cylindrical grinder is the process of studying the error adjustment of the control system, especially the controlled object. Only by accurately analyzing which physical variables and interrelationships are negligible and which are the factors that have a decisive influence on the accuracy of the model and must be considered can we establish a model that is relatively simple and can accurately reflect the actual powerless object. Whether a mathematical model of a cylindrical grinder control system is established or not is ultimately determined by experiments.