In the metal processing process of the vertical machining center, in order to reduce the cutting force during cutting, it takes away the heat generated in the cutting area in time to reduce the cutting temperature and increase the tool durability, thereby improving production efficiency, improving the surface roughness of the workpiece, and ensuring the workpiece. For precision machining accuracy, to achieve good economic results, metal cutting fluid is usually used.

It is recommended to use high-quality water to prepare the working fluid in strict proportion. When supplementing the working fluid of the vertical machining center, it should be supplemented at a higher concentration to prevent the lubrication and anti-rust performance from decreasing. Keep the cutting fluid clean, do not mix metal chips, engine oil, thread wool and other sundries; do not use working fluid to wash hands and wash cloths. Eating is strictly prohibited!

The maintenance work of the cutting fluid of the vertical machining center mainly includes the following items:
1. Ensure the smooth flow of the liquid circulation route: timely remove the metal chips, metal powder, mold slime, the decomposition products of the cutting fluid itself, and grinding wheel chips from the circulation route to avoid blockage.
2. Antibacterial: The importance of cutting fluids (especially emulsions) for antibacterial growth is well known. Regular injection of bactericides and ultra-microfiltration can be used to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
3. Purification of the cutting fluid: The main contaminants of the cutting fluid are metal powder and fine gravel powder, floating oil and free water, microorganisms and propagation materials, especially Mucorales fungi.
Cutting fluid plays a very important role in any metal cutting and milling. It is an industrial liquid used to cool and lubricate tools and machined parts. The cutting fluid is scientifically compounded by a variety of super-functional additives, and has good cooling performance, lubrication performance, anti-rust performance, degreasing cleaning function, anti-corrosion function, and easy dilution characteristics. In addition, cutting fluid has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive to human body, non-corrosive to equipment, and non-polluting to the environment.