When we use the spherical milling cutter to process the curved surface, when the center line of the tool is perpendicular to the processing surface, since the linear velocity of the apex of the spherical cnc milling cutter is zero, the surface quality of the workpiece cut by the apex will be poor. The design of the spindle rotation is adopted to make the spindle Rotate an angle relative to the workpiece to make the spherical milling cutter avoid the apex to cut, ensure a certain linear speed, and improve the surface processing quality. This structure is very popular for high-precision surface processing of molds, which is difficult to achieve with rotary CNC vertical lathes. In order to achieve the high precision of rotation, the rotary axis is also equipped with circular grating feedback, and the indexing accuracy is within a few seconds. Of course, the rotation structure of this type of spindle is more complicated and the manufacturing cost is also high.

CNC vertical lathes are mainly used for processing key mold parts such as mold cores, inserts, and copper. The quality of mold cores and inserts directly determines the quality of mold forming parts. The quality of copper processing directly restricts the influence of EDM processing. For the guarantee of CNC machining quality, the key lies in the preparation before machining. For this position, in addition to having rich machining experience and die machining knowledge, we must also pay attention to good communication at work, especially with the production team and colleagues. . The center integrates the functions of CNC vertical lathes and CNC vertical lathes. The machining center can complete the processing of all sides and top surfaces after clamping the workpiece at one time, except for the mounting surface. The machining center is called the all-round machining center and compound machining center in the industry. .

The correct operation and maintenance of CNC equipment can prevent abnormal wear and tear of the machine tool and avoid sudden failure of the CNC vertical lathe. Careful maintenance of the CNC vertical lathe can maintain the long-term stability of the machining accuracy of the machine tool and prolong the service life of the machine tool. This work must be highly valued and executed from the management level of the factory! Let’s share with you the maintenance methods of CNC vertical lathes (Daquan).
Person responsible for the maintenance of CNC vertical lathes
1. The operator is responsible for the use, maintenance and basic maintenance of the equipment;
2. Equipment maintenance personnel are responsible for equipment maintenance and necessary maintenance;
3. Workshop management personnel are responsible for supervising all operators and equipment maintenance in the entire workshop.