The tool change does not work, the PLC affidavit is displayed on the screen as 1000 (the complaint address A0000.0 indicates that the tool change time is too long), the complaint number is 100, and the replacement address A0000.3 indicates that the lock signal has not been received. ).

Therefore, the inspection and maintenance cnc machining process: first shut down and restart the machine, observe whether there is a prompt to check whether the machine is not able to be used normally due to software problems or improper human operation, and the alarm is still displayed after booting. The CNC lathe is still not able to Normal use, at the same time eliminate the lathe failure caused by software or human improper operation and other factors.

Because the tool change process of the tool is that the tool holder first performs forward rotation for tool change. After the tool holder reaches the designated position, it is necessary to carry out reverse meshing, so first check the electrical circuit related to the positive conversion tool process of the tool holder Device, check the electrical circuit for damage, burnout, loose wire ends, and related relays and contactors for damage.

After inspection, everything is normal. Then check the electrical circuit devices related to the tool change, reverse engagement, and locking process of the tool holder. It is found that the contact of the contactor that controls the tool holder reverse is broken. The measuring pot of the multimeter finds that the contactor is often The closed contact has a slight resistance value, and the measured position is I, which is equivalent to an open circuit). Solution: After replacing the contacts of the contactor, the CNC lathe will resume normal operation.