The principle of CNC machining china tool is that the machine tool runs automatically after inputting the processing program. The machining program of the parts includes the trajectory of the movement of the tool and the workpiece, the start and stop of the spindle, the adjustment of the rotation speed, the cutting amount, the automatic replacement of the tool, and the switch of the coolant, etc., which are very powerful.

Economical CNC lathes are developed from ordinary lathes. There are no differences between drilling holes in several cars and drilling holes in ordinary cars. They are ordered to install a drill bit on the rear seat of the lathe, and the drilling is carried out by pushing and turning the tailstock hand wheel.

Because the tailstock does not have an automatic feed function, it relies on manual longitudinal feed, which results in a large labor intensity and low production efficiency for the operator. The depth of the drilled hole is not easy to control.

Use CNC lathes to process this type of batch products. If you still need to pay a lot of manual labor, then you can’t show the characteristics of high degree of automation of the machine tool you want to control.

Now we are researching how to install the drill bit on the tool holder and use the automatic indexing of the tool holder and the carriage to automatically drive the tool holder to realize automatic drilling.