Titanium alloy rods are widely used in current work. In more industries, titanium alloy rods have good corrosion resistance, which makes it more convenient to use. A difficult process, the following editor will introduce you to the analysis of the difficulty of thermoforming of titanium alloy rods.
The deviation of the geometric accuracy of the titanium alloy rods is mainly caused by the elasticity of the material. Titanium alloy rods are hot-formed, with internal and external plastic union, large deformation resistance, and severe springback, so the forming is difficult and the geometric accuracy is low. The hot forming of titanium alloy rods and the soft ratio of the high temperature on the material greatly reduce the distortion and springback of the parts after forming, but the springback cannot be completely eliminated. Such as the resistance heating of titanium alloy rods, pressure drop forming or punch forming. The field parts still have a small amount of springback after thermoforming, and the geometric accuracy meets the non-required quality requirements, and heavy manual trimming must be performed.