Graphene / titanium composite material and preparation method thereof, the preparation method includes the following steps:

  • 1) Add graphene oxide to water, mix and perform ultrasonic dispersion to obtain a clear graphene oxide solution;
  • 2) Remove the oxide film on the surface of titanium powder;
  • 3) Add the titanium powder with the surface oxide film removed to the obtained graphene oxide solution to obtain a graphene oxide / titanium mixed solution;
  • 4) Ultrasonic dispersion of the prepared graphene / titanium mixed solution, followed by ball milling, and after the ball milling, the resulting mixed solution is freeze-dried to obtain mixed powder
  • 5) Fully grind the mixed powder, then perform electric field activation pressure assisted sintering, and cool to obtain the graphene / titanium composite material.
    The graphene / titanium composite material developed by has excellent properties such as high strength, high corrosion resistance, and low resistivity, and is of great significance in industrial applications.