1. Heat treatment furnace
Titanium-made equipment heat treatment equipment, mostly choose intermittent type, the best way is electric heating type. For some titanium equipment, vacuum heat treatment is required for heat treatment. There is also a power-saving heating device, that is, a contact-type electric heating furnace.
2. local heat treatment equipment
Local heat treatment equipment has the following types:
(1) LCD type crawler-type ceramic heater, 10kW, can be close to the workpiece to heat, suitable for metal workpiece annealing, etc .;
(2) SCD type rope heater, 10kW, can be wound around the pipe for heating;
(3) WCK intelligent temperature program control box, with 30kW, 60kW, 120kW, 240kW, 360kW series specifications;
(4) TCS microcomputer temperature control box, with 120kW, 240kW, 360kW series specifications.
3. On-site overall heat treatment equipment for large vessels
On-site heat treatment equipment for large-scale containers are as follows:
(1) Resistance heating treatment, there are two methods of internal heating and external heating, which should be selected according to the conditions such as the structure, shape and size of the equipment;
(2) Modular building block on-site heat treatment furnace, the heating method is on-site room-shaped heat treatment furnace.