For titanium products, the two products that are generally the most confusing are liquefied titanium and titanium fiber. For liquefied titanium and titanium fiber, they have many similarities and differences, but as for how many We still need to understand the difference. Let us look at the characteristics of liquefied titanium and titanium fiber:
First look at the characteristics of liquefied titanium:
We often say that liquefied titanium refers to the original mineral element powder. Generally speaking, before titanium has been played with purification, the original mineral mixed with other impurities is ground and refined. This state is collectively called liquefied titanium. Because titanium itself has a high melting point and very good stability, in the laboratory, titanium is generally liquefied at a high temperature of more than several thousand degrees, and it will become a solid metal after cooling, so it is generally difficult for real liquefied titanium to appear Yes, this is why we made this powdery object into liquefied titanium.
Below we are looking at the characteristics of titanium fiber:
Everyone knows that there are usually many titanium-related products outside, such as titanium collars, titanium bracelets and other titanium jewelry, but the main ingredient is not pure titanium, this is no longer a titanium product, but by a kind of Special technology mixes liquefied titanium into products made of it, which has certain health care functions for human body.