What are the precautions for the operation of the electric heating reactor?
1. The agitator of the reaction kettle should be turned on before feeding. When there is no noise and normal, the material should be added to the reaction kettle, and the amount of addition should not exceed the process requirements.
2. Before opening the steam valve, first open the return valve and then the intake valve. The steam valve should be opened slowly to preheat the jacket and gradually increase the pressure. The pressure in the jacket must not exceed the specified value.
3. The steam valve and the cooling valve cannot be started at the same time. Hammer and collision are not allowed when the steam pipeline is over-ventilated.
4. When opening the cooling water valve, first open the return water valve, then open the inlet water valve. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than 0.1 MPa, nor higher than 0.2 MPa.
5. For water ring vacuum pumps, the pump must be turned on first and then fed. When stopping the pump, stop the pump first and then stop the water, and the accumulated water in the pump should be excluded.
6. Check the operation of the reactor at any time, and if it is found abnormal, it should be stopped for maintenance.
7. When cleaning the titanium epoxy (enamel) reactor, do not use alkaline water to brush the reactor. Take care not to damage the enamel.