The method of slitting and slitting of titanium plates and titanium alloy tapes is characterized by the use of uncoiled titanium and titanium alloy tapes: pinch feeding—slitting—directional feeding—pressing plate—spinning—winding—unwinding—packing The process is processed by the method; the pinch feeding is to feed the running titanium plate strip to the longitudinal shearing machine by a pair of rubber rollers; the longitudinal shearing is to arrange the running titanium strip through a group of The disc scissors on the horizontal shaft roller are longitudinally slit into multiple narrow titanium strips of different widths along the length of the titanium strip; at the same time, the uneven edges of the titanium strip are cut off by the outermost two pairs of disc shears and cut off The side wire is wrapped into a side wire roll by a collection wheel arranged on the side of the disc shear; the directional splitting is a narrow titanium belt separated by slitting through a splitting disc arranged on a pair of transverse rubber rollers Guide, keep the same gap between adjacent narrow strips and enter the platen table neatly.
The method of slitting and slitting of rolls of titanium plates and titanium alloy strips is characterized by adopting unrolled titanium and titanium alloy strips: pinch feeding—longitudinal shear—directional feeding—pressing plate—spinning—winding—unwinding— Packaging process line processing. By adopting the method of the invention, slitting can be carried out on the titanium plate and the titanium alloy strip with an opening length of thousands of kilometers, the uneven parts of the titanium strip can be cut off, and the wide titanium strip can be divided into multiple slits according to user requirements. Strips of narrow titanium bands with different widths; it is also possible to trim the titanium bands only to maintain the width of the titanium bands.
The pressing plate is to guide the slitted narrow titanium plate to the winder through the pinch of the pressing platen; the splitting roll is to divide the slitted titanium strip into the rolls of different lengths according to the needs by the transverse shearing machine Rewinding is the guide of narrow titanium belt through a group of directional feeding discs arranged above the core shaft of the rewinding machine, which is wrapped into multiple narrow titanium rolls on the same rewinding mandrel; unwinding is After the narrow titanium belt is completely wrapped into a roll, the roll transport carriage supports the titanium roll from below, the winding machine shrinks the diameter block and loosens the inner core of the titanium roll, and the narrow titanium tape roll is tied tightly by manual strapping. Solid, and then turn the unwinding turntable arranged next to the winder to draw the narrow titanium tape roll from the core shaft of the winder, and then turn the unwinding turntable to transport the narrow titanium tape roll to the packaging table for wrapping Paper, packaging.