Forging technology: titanium alloy forging
In order to make the forging proceed smoothly and reduce the temperature drop of the metal during the forging process, especially to reduce the quenching of the blank surface, the forging titanium alloy mold needs to be preheated. Otherwise, the temperature drop and surface chilling of the metal will prevent the metal from filling the mold groove well and may cause many cracks.
Titanium alloy forging die preheating system is usually detachable, but sometimes also uses a heating device installed on the press. The detachable mold heating system is usually a gas heater, which can slowly heat the mold to the desired temperature range before the module is assembled into the forging equipment. The heating device fixed on the press usually adopts induction heating or resistance heating.
There are some conventional titanium alloy forging processes, especially when forging on a hydraulic press, the mold temperature will continue to rise during forging, and if there is no proper cooling, the mold may be damaged. Therefore, in the forging process, the forging die is usually cooled by wet steam, air or occasionally water.