The forming process of the titanium plate is similar to the pressure processing of other materials. Coatings and lubricants should be applied to the surface of the wool and preforms, and if necessary, certain parts of the mold to reduce friction between parts and tools and reduce scratches , Improve product quality and extend tool life. Especially during thermoforming, the coating not only relieves the severe friction between the part and the mold at high temperature, but also protects the surface of the part to avoid and reduce oxidation.
To sum up, the purpose of using paint for stamping and forming of titanium plates is:
1. Improve the surface quality of parts;
2. Protect titanium parts from oxidation;
3. Reduce the pressure required for forming;
4. Extend mold life;
5. Control the flow of materials during deformation.
The coating should generally have the following properties:
1. Good anti-corrosion performance, does not contain harmful ingredients, will not cause pollution to the material;
2. It has certain adhesiveness and is easy to apply;
3. With sufficient strength, the coating is not easy to be damaged during use;
4. Good lubrication performance;
5. Easy to remove;
6. No harm to the health of the operator;
7. Low cost.
Molding paints can be divided into two categories according to different use conditions, namely normal temperature forming (cold forming) coatings and high temperature forming coatings.