Titanium wire is one of the metals that is difficult to stretch at room temperature. In the past, graphite resin coating was used, which can only be stretched one mold at a time. The surface coating must be removed by acid pickling before intermediate annealing. , The production process is complicated, the cycle is long, the metal loss is large, and there are silver-white pits on the surface of the wire, even because the gumming mold cannot be stretched. After more than two years of production practice, a simple lubricating coating of titanium wire stretching (including lime, soap, garden powder, molybdenum disulfide) has been developed to achieve a new multi-mode stretching similar to other easily stretched metals Craftsmanship. The process has the following characteristics:
1. Realize multi-mode stretching (up to 7 modes), greatly shorten the production cycle, improve labor productivity, increase output by more than 5 times, thereby reducing costs and creating conditions for titanium civilian use.
2. Simplify and shorten the process flow, reduce labor intensity, reduce the amount of industrial acid, and reduce metal loss by about 15%.
3. Improve the surface quality of titanium wire (eliminate silvery white pits and obtain a stretched surface wire material with metallic luster), reduce the wire diameter tolerance, and thus improve the corrosion resistance.
4. In the past, it was difficult to prepare industrial pure titanium processing wire with a diameter of 0.06 mm, but now it has been improved to smoothly draw industrial pure titanium wire with a diameter of 0.06 mm and a titanium alloy wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm, and expand the diameter of the titanium wire. The specifications and scope of use provide corrosion-resistant mesh materials for printing and dyeing, chemical industry, light industry and other industries.
5. Improve the environmental hygiene of the workshop.