The milling cutter used for milling pure copper in CNC copper machining is mainly made of high-speed steel, and K-type cemented carbide can also be used.

When milling pure copper and other materials with high plasticity, low hardness, large cutting deformation and sticky knives, the edge of the milling cutter must be sharp, that is, the rake angle should be large, and it is best to grind a large arc chip flute on the rake face; The surface roughness values ​​of the front, back and edge should be small. When using high-speed steel milling cutter, the rake angle is generally 20 to 35 degrees; the back angle is 12 to 25 degrees; the main declination angle is 45 to 90 degrees; the auxiliary declination angle should also be larger, generally 5-10 degrees. If a K-type carbide milling cutter is used, the rake angle should be slightly smaller than that of the high-speed steel milling cutter.


When using high-speed steel milling cutters, the milling speed is 50-100m/min; when using carbide milling cutters, the milling speed is 100-200m/min, and the milling speed should be as large as possible. %~50%. Before milling, you can first apply a layer of emulsion on the working surface. When milling, you can use kerosene and lubricating oil as cutting fluid, or you can use extreme pressure emulsion with good lubricating properties and fully pour to obtain a small surface roughness. Degree value.