It is very common in people’s industrial manufacturing industry. The regulations of this type of production process are very high. Compared with the traditional machining technology, it can achieve a stronger practical effect, and there are many other productions. The advantages that the machining method does not have, so what are the advantages of CNC copper parts machining?


  1. Multi-axis operation linkage: Generally, three-axis linkage is the most used, but according to some adjustments, it can guarantee four-axis, five-axis, seven-axis and even a large number of linked-axis machining centers.


  1. Machine tool tandem: The function of a general machining center is also relatively fixed. It can combine the machining center with the milling management center, or the column type and vertical machining center, which can enhance the production and machiningscope of the machining center. And production capacity


  1. Early warning information of tool damage: Using some technical inspection methods, it can deal with the damage and destruction of the tool in time, and it can also issue an alarm, so that the tool can be replaced immediately to ensure the production and machiningquality of the parts.


  1. Tool life management method: It is possible to carry out a unified management method for multiple tools in other work and several tool heads on the same tool to improve productivity.


5.Machine tool load power off maintenance: Set a larger load level according to the load according to the machining process. When the load reaches the preset value, the machine tool can complete automatic power off and standby to perform maintenance on the machine tool.