The large one-time investment of chemical titanium equipment is mainly due to the high price of titanium materials, as well as design and manufacturing reasons. At present, the economic benefits of chemical titanium equipment mainly come from the play of comprehensive advantages in the application process. Therefore, the development of chemical titanium equipment, in addition to continuing to open up new areas of “titanium for chemical industry” and continuously expanding the scope of use of titanium equipment, should also adopt appropriate technologies and approaches to reduce the one-time investment of titanium equipment and improve the use of equipment reliability.
1. Applied research

  • 1) To carry out research on the design theory of chemical titanium equipment, to enrich and perfect the summary and sorting of various data, you can use the calculation methods already available to establish a relatively complete design database of titanium equipment. Provide sufficient basis and effective means for the optimized design of titanium equipment.
  • 2) Continue to carry out research on titanium processing technology, such as welding and lining technology of large containers.
  • 3) Conduct research on the use, maintenance and repair technology of titanium equipment to provide the necessary means for the safe and effective use of titanium equipment.

2. Design

  • 1) Formulate design specifications and standards for various types of chemical titanium equipment as soon as possible to ensure design quality and save design costs.
  • 2) Promote “optimized design” technology.
  • 3) Apply “Value Engineering” to analyze the material cage of titanium equipment and determine a reasonable way to use titanium.

3. Manufacturing

  • 1) In the manufacturing process of titanium equipment, try to adopt new technologies and new processes to save manufacturing costs.
  • 2) Strengthen quality management in equipment manufacturing, formulate perfect process regulations for equipment processing and inspection to ensure product quality and maintain a good “reputation” of titanium equipment.

There are three sources of domestically produced titanium equipment used in the chemical industry, one is self-made, the second is commissioned processing, and the third is the combination of home-made and commissioned processing. At present, there are nearly one hundred titanium equipment production plants, and the manufacturing level is the key factor to ensure the reliability of titanium equipment. Investigations show that more than half of the damage to titanium equipment is due to poor manufacturing quality. Therefore, a reasonable approach should be selected to ensure the development of titanium equipment from a quality perspective.

  • 1. Because the design and manufacture of titanium equipment requires specialized technology and necessary means, the design and manufacturing qualification of titanium equipment should be given some form of approval.
  • 2. At present, the production of titanium chemical equipment has a certain scale and technical strength. Therefore, the production of titanium chemical equipment can be carried out; for the production base of titanium chemical equipment that has formed a certain capacity, the application of funds and material sources With necessary support.
  • 3. Form an appropriate form of chemical titanium equipment development consortium, strengthen the horizontal connection of scientific research, design and manufacturing, simplify the development procedure, and minimize the development cost.