The vertical machining center will effectively increase the width of its grinding to achieve the effect of increasing the number of abrasive particles involved in the grinding. High-speed grinding of the vertical machining center is one of the important ways to improve the grinding efficiency. High-speed grinding refers to a grinding method with a grinding wheel speed above 50m/s. The speed of the grinding wheel of the vertical machining center is very high when it is running. During the grinding process of the equipment, the grinding wheel, which can be effectively used as its cutting tool, cuts the workpiece at a very high speed. During high-speed grinding, Grinding wheel linear speed can be as high as 200m/s

When a single piece of  vertical cnc machining center is produced, it is generally processed by blanks. Therefore, there will be interference of excess blanks during the centering of the reverse machining, and other tools are needed to meet the requirements. Through many years of practice, it has been found that although the ordinary reverse centering method can also meet the requirements, it has problems such as cumbersome operation, long time occupied by the machine, inconvenient observation, low precision, and interference of individual types of parts in the jaws of the vise. Greatly affect the processing efficiency and processing accuracy,

The mathematical description of the vertical machining center model is the mathematical model. Therefore, when establishing a mathematical model, a compromise must be made between the simplification of the model and the accuracy of the analysis results. This requires not only a wealth of practical experience and a solid theoretical foundation, but also certain processing skills. The modeling process of the vertical precision machining center is the process of adjusting the error of the control system, especially the controlled object. Only by accurately analyzing which physical variables and interrelationships are negligible and which are the factors that have a decisive influence on the accuracy of the model and must be considered can we establish a model that is relatively simple and can accurately reflect the actual powerless object. Whether a mathematical model of a vertical machining center control system is established or not is ultimately determined by experiments.