The CNC horizontal lathe automatically processes the processed parts according to the pre-programmed processing program. Therefore, programming is indispensable in CNC horizontal lathes. What is F in CNC horizontal lathes? F in CNC horizontal lathe refers to the feed rate. That is, the speed of the knife. It is divided into feed per minute and feed per revolution. Simply put, it controls the cutting speed. When using G99, the unit is mm/r, when using G98, the unit is mm/min. The size of the feed depends on the environment set by the operator. It may be the feed per revolution or the feed per minute. F is related to S, S represents the spindle speed, the S value is high, and the F value is relatively low, which can get a better roughness, which is suitable for finishing machining. On the contrary, the workpiece is rougher and the chip speed is fast, which is suitable for rough machining.

The flexible CNC manipulator uses cylinders and motors to switch and drive positioning and clamping modules. A set of CNC horizontal lathe manipulators can complete different types of workpiece handling tasks. The clamping and positioning module can be designed in series according to the product quality and the size of the shape. The clamping and positioning module on the CNC lathe manipulator is installed in the same way. For different series of cnc machining parts, you only need to switch the corresponding clamping and positioning module to meet the requirements of fast The need for switching. In this way, when processing different kinds of workpieces, it can be realized only by changing the clamping module, which improves the flexibility of the CNC horizontal lathe manipulator.

The CNC horizontal lathe is mainly composed of grinding wheel frame, head frame, bed, workbench, tail frame and other parts in the production process. The bed of the CNC horizontal lathe adopts large round holes and shark fin-shaped ribs. After long-term use , The machine tool has good dynamic and static stiffness. The working table of the CNC horizontal lathe can be divided into upper and lower tables to grind the conical surface. The machine bed and the guide rail of the working table adopt plastic guide rails, and the friction coefficient is small. The worktable is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable. The linear speed of the grinding wheel of the CNC horizontal lathe is less than 35m/s, and the overall grinding efficiency is relatively high when in use. The grinding head bearing is a three-piece dynamic pressure bearing with a large wrap angle, and the rotation accuracy is high. The movement of the wheel carriage (X direction) is directly driven by the servo motor and the ball screw, with a small resolution of 0.0005mm.