cnc swiss machining problems

The die belt will cause the scrap to rebound, and its related factors: ① the sharpness of the die blade, the larger the fillet of the blade, the easier it is to cause the scrap to rebound. ②The mold input quantity, the mold input quantity of each station of the machine tool is fixed, and the mold input modulus is small, which is easy to cause scrap rebound. ③Whether the gap of the mold is reasonable. If the gap of the mold is not suitable, it is easy to cause the waste to rebound. ④Whether there is more oil on the surface of the processed plate. ⑤ Spring fatigue damage.


Ways to prevent the mold from feeding: ① Use a special anti-banding die. ② The mold is often sharpened to keep it sharp and demagnetized. ③ Increase the die gap. ④The oblique cutting edge die is used instead of the flat cutting edge die. ⑤ Install the ejector in the mold. ⑥ Reasonably increase the mold input. ⑦ Check the fatigue strength of the mold spring or discharge sleeve.