The long axis of a CNC lathe is generally not a long axis of the car. Only the tail top can be cnc machined. Below we will mainly talk about the processing method of the long axis. The so-called long axis usually refers to the aspect ratio exceeding 25. Parts and components, generally processing the slender shaft using the following three methods:

  • 1. Follow lathe of CNC lathe: The purpose of using follow lathe is to offset the influence of radial cutting force on the workpiece during machining, reduce the cutting vibration and the deformation of insufficient rigidity of the workpiece. When using the follow lathe, the center of the number bed must be ensured Consistent with the center of the turret, because the characteristics of the turret are not suitable for workpieces that need to be swiss turned twice, they can only be turned in place once;
  • 2. Hydraulic center frame: The hydraulic center frame can be used to make another support point at the midpoint of the chuck and tailstock during processing, so as to wait for the three-point support to support the deformation of the workpiece due to the rigidity problem, so as to ensure The accuracy in long-axis machining is also solved, and the problem that the heel tool holder cannot be turned twice is also solved;
  • 3. Adopt the core machining: For parts with a diameter below 32, which requires high machining accuracy, it is recommended to use core machining, using long bar material processing, which can be formed at one time, saving labor, effort, high efficiency and high precision.