The TC4 titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-4V, is the earliest and most widely developed titanium alloy in the world. Its output accounts for more than half of the total output of various titanium alloy semi-finished products in the world, and more than 80% in the aerospace industry. Al increases the room temperature strength and thermal strength properties of the alloy by solid solution strengthening the α phase, while V improves both strength and plasticity. V can also inhibit the formation of α2 superstructure phase and avoid alloy embrittlement during long-term use.
TC4 titanium alloy’s main features are excellent comprehensive performance and good process characteristics. It also has excellent superplasticity, suitable for forming by various pressure processing methods, and welding in various ways.
The main semi-finished products of TC4 titanium alloy are bars, forgings, thin plates, thick plates, profiles and wires. The alloy is mainly used in the annealed state, and solid solution aging strengthening can also be used. However, the hardened cross section does not exceed 25 to 30 mm, and the solution aging strengthening is not suitable for thick workpieces. At present, many Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy modifications have appeared in various countries in response to different use conditions and process requirements. The main differences are different Al, V content and lower interstitial element impurity content, as well as the addition of trace amounts Ru’s Ti-6Al-4V alloy.
TC4 titanium alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of various beams, bulkheads, slide rails, landing gear beams in aircraft structures, aeroengine fans and compressor disks, blades, aerospace rocket shells, pressure vessels and various Types of fasteners. Replacing 30CrMnSiA structural steel with TC4 titanium alloy can reduce the weight of parts by about 30%.
TC4 titanium alloy has also been widely used in the civil industry. For example, gas turbine blades in the power industry, ship propellers in the shipbuilding industry, offshore oilfield drilling platforms in offshore engineering, various corrosion-resistant pumps in the chemical industry, artificial implants in medicine, various sports equipment, etc.
TC4 titanium alloy can be used to manufacture automobile frames, crank shafts, connecting rods, bolts, oil inlet valves and suspension springs. Similar brands are:
Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6Al-4V ELI, Ti-6Al-4V SP, Ti-6Al-4V ELI SP (USA);
BT-6, BT-6C, BT-6Ч, BT-6Γ, BT-6К, BT-6КТ (Russia);
IMI-318, IMI-318ELI (UK);
TiAl6V4 (Germany); T-A6V (France); SAT-64 (Japan).