The English name or translation of ultra-high-strength titanium alloy is: ultra-high strength titanium alloy CAS number: molecular formula:
Overview, properties, functions and uses: Titanium alloys with a tensile strength of more than 1400MPa at room temperature. At present, this type of alloy is still in the development stage. For example, the research indicators of Boeing in the United States are: room temperature tensile strength ≥1500MPa; shear strength ≥860MPa; elongation ≥8%; fatigue when the loading stress is equal to 45% room temperature tensile strength The number of cycles is not less than 100,000; the ratio of fracture toughness to yield strength is equivalent to 4340M ultra high strength steel. The relatively promising development is the Ti8V5FelAl metastable β titanium alloy, its typical mechanical properties have reached room temperature tensile strength of 1480MPa; elongation is 8%.