• 1. Punch alloy machining is a machine that punches out the required shapes of parts. Manual one-foot operation of equipment that works by electricity.
  • 2. Hand beer machine is also called small manual punching machine, similar to some small accessories, which can not be completed by the punching machine, or a small machine that must be used when the cost of the punching machine increases. Can not be powered, it is purely manually operated equipment.
  • 3. Polishing equipment, power and professional polishing equipment are available.
  • 4. Die-casting machine, mainly produces alloy products. Burn oil and electricity.

Hardware processing refers to the processing of five metal materials: stainless steel, copper, aluminum and iron. Through milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, polishing machines, etc. According to the customer’s drawings or samples, it is processed into various parts, such as screws, motor shafts, model car parts, fishing gear accessories, speaker product shells, mobile power shells, etc.

Hardware processing-spraying process

  • 1. Coating processing: The hardware factory adopts coating processing when producing large-scale hardware products. Through painting and processing, you can prevent metal parts from rusting, such as electrical enclosures, daily necessities, and crafts.
  • 2. Electroplating: Electroplating is also the most commonly used processing technology for metal processing. The surface of the hardware is plated with modern technology to ensure that the product will not be moldy or embroidered for a long time. Common electroplated parts include screws, stamping parts, batteries, auto parts, small accessories, etc.
  • 3. Cnc Turning the outer surface is the basic method of machining the outer surface in hardware processing. The equipment used is a lathe. In general machinery factories, lathes account for about 40% of the total number of machine tools. Turning is the main method for roughing and semi-finishing of the outer surface of various materials, and it is also the final finishing method for various materials that are not suitable for grinding.
  • 4. Surface polishing: Surface-polished parts can usually be used for a long time in daily life and are more durable! For example, we produce hardware combs through surface burr treatment. Combs are stamped out of hardware, so the corners of the stamped comb are very sharp. We will polish the sharp edges and corners into a smooth surface, so that it will not cause harm to the human body during use.
  • 5. The characteristic of turning cylindrical surface is: the tool is simple, easy to manufacture, grind and install; the cutting process is stable, the cutting force fluctuation is small, which is beneficial to the use of high cutting speed and improve productivity. The machine tool has good versatility and can process outer circles, end faces, inner holes, threads, chamfers, etc. Clamp once. The mutual position accuracy between the surfaces is easy to guarantee; it is suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metal parts.
  • 6. In the case of single-piece and small batch production, turning the outer cylindrical surface is usually carried out on an ordinary lathe. In mass production, multi-tool semi-automatic lathes or automatic lathes are widely used. Large disc parts should be processed on a vertical lathe. Large long-axis parts need to be processed on a heavy horizontal lathe.

I believe you already know what is hardware production equipment, and the corresponding use of each equipment is different. I also learned what is metal processing. It takes a lot of processes to manufacture hardware parts or hardware tools. Hardware processing is a very systematic process!