The main contents of the CNC turning machining process of shaft parts include: analysis of machining requirements, determination of machining steps, clamping plan, selection of tools, calculation of values, programming and processing after machining. CNC turning processing technology is very different from ordinary machine tool processing technology, and it covers a lot of content.

Therefore, in CNC lathe machining, the requirements for programmers are very high, not only must analyze the processing procedures of the parts, but also choose the tools reasonably, determine the cutting amount and the tool path. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of the performance characteristics of CNC machine tools, workpiece clamping, tool systems, and cutting specifications. The determination of the CNC machining process plan not only affects the production efficiency of the machine tool, but also affects the machining quality of shaft parts.

Shaft parts processing requirements and plans:

Clear processing requirements

Positioning and clamping of parts During the process of parts processing, the clamping method of the workpiece affects the machining accuracy and efficiency of the workpiece, and it is of great significance to select the positioning reference of the workpiece reasonably. The choice of positioning datum not only has a great impact on the quality of parts processing, but also improves production efficiency. The positioning and datum of the workpiece should be consistent with the design datum to prevent over-positioning. The selected positioning reference should be able to ensure accurate and reliable positioning.

Choosing tools and cutting parameters The selection of CNC tools and the determination of cutting parameters not only affect the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools, but also directly affect the processing quality. The commonly used CNC turning tools are generally divided into three types: forming turning tools, pointed turning tools, arc-shaped turning tools and three types. The programmer must determine the cutting amount of each process and arrange the order of the tools reasonably. To determine the order and route of the tool, it is necessary to select the tool setting point reasonably and determine the route of the tool before CNC machining. The tool setting point can be set on the machined part, but it must be a reference position or a part that has been finished. The cutting path includes the cutting path, the tool moves to the cutting starting point, the cutting tool cuts in and out, and returns to the cutting starting point or the tool setting point and other non-cutting empty travel paths. Determining the tool path is mainly to plan the tool path for rough machining and idle stroke. The surface used as a precision datum should be processed first; for connecting rods, boxes, brackets, bases and other parts, the plane and hole end faces used for positioning should be processed first, and then the holes should be processed.

Compilation of CNC machining program CNC machine tool adopts right-hand Cartesian coordinate system. The programming origin should be selected at a position that is easy to be corrected and easy to check during machining. The programming zero of general shaft parts is selected on the rotation axis of its machining surface At the intersection with the end face. CNC programming is generally divided into two types, one is manual programming, and the other is automatic programming. Manual programming is the process of analyzing the part drawing, determining the technological process, numerical calculation, and writing the part processing program sheet. The input and inspection of the program are all completed by the workers; automatic programming is the process of using a computer to compile numerical control processing programs.

All in all, the promotion and application of CNC machining technology is a huge change in the national machinery manufacturing industry, effectively promoting the development of the current level of machinery manufacturing, and providing high-quality, high-security, and high-efficiency mechanical products for the development of the national industry , Has brought a very good promotion effect for social and economic development. In the CNC turning of shaft parts, every detail should be mastered, and every difficulty should be analyzed and solved, so that the quality of the workpiece can be more effectively guaranteed, and the characteristics of CNC technology should be fully utilized and exerted to bring more benefits. .