At present, some advanced CAD/CAPP/CAM systems have certain NC simulation functions, which are used to check the correctness of the cutting process of the tool, check the overcut and interference phenomena, etc. However, the method of driving the machine tool simulation processing process directly through the NC code And software is not much. In addition, if the simulation software can be directly embedded into the actual cnc turning system, making it a supporting environment for actual processing, it will have more important significance.\

Main functions and key technologies of the system

The system models the machining environment. The three-dimensional graphics are used to display the CNC machining process, and the geometric model is used to check various problems during the machining process. The system mainly provides the following functions.
Modeling of CNC lathe bed, guide rail, tool holder, tool, tailstock and workpiece; simulation of the movement of the machine tool and tool during the machining process and the cutting process; collision interference inspection between the tool and the workpiece, chuck, tailstock, etc. , And has an error alarm function; simulate flying chips and sound effects. The machining process is required to be directly controlled by the NC code, and supports the manual modification of the NC code.
The key technologies researched and solved by the system include geometric modeling, geometric definitions for machine tool equipment, workpieces and their clamping methods, translation and interpretation of NC codes, geometric motion simulation and physical simulation of the machining process; machining process Various inspections (program inspection, various parameter inspection, collision inspection, etc.), etc.