Titanium tube reagent requirements and solution concentration method

The purity of the reagent is very important for the inspection of each component in the food. Especially for trace analysis, the purity of the reagent is an important factor that causes errors. Reagent purity is expressed in terms of reagent specifications or reagent grades. The State and relevant departments have formulated and promulgated “reagent standards” to stipulate reagent specifications and test method standards. At present, China’s reagent specifications are basically divided into seven types: high purity, spectral purity, benchmark, spectroscopic purity, superior purity, analytical purity and chemical purity. The quality indicators promulgated by the state and competent authorities are mainly superior purity and analysis. Pure and chemically pure.
According to the nature of the substance and the requirements of laboratory work, there are many ways to express the composition of the solution. There are two general categories. One is the mass composition, which represents the relative amount of solute and solution in the solution; the other is the volume composition, which represents a certain The amount of solute contained in the volume. Commonly used method of solution composition in laboratory.
It should be pointed out that although chemical reagents must be tested according to the reagent standard before they are allowed to leave the factory, the performance of reagents produced by different manufacturers or with different raw materials and processes will also differ, and even the same reagents of different batches will have different properties. It is difficult to be completely consistent. In the analysis with higher requirements, not only the level of reagents but also the manufacturer, product batch number, etc. should be considered, and special inspections and control tests should be done when necessary. In addition, some reagents may be deteriorated due to poor packaging, improper storage conditions, or long storage time, and should be checked before use.