The connection technology of titanium standard parts has been developed since 1998, and has now rapidly replaced the two traditional pipeline connection methods of flange and welding. In our country, although this skill development time is relatively late, but because the skills are relatively advanced, the messy pipeline connection process becomes simple, convenient, and convenient, and it will quickly replace other domestic malls. Titanium standard parts connection skills are the preferred skills for the connection of liquid and gas pipelines.
The advantages of the connection of titanium standard parts:
First, because the connection operation of titanium standard parts is simple, ordinary workers can operate after a brief training. This is because the product has incorporated a lot of sophisticated skills into the finished product by factory methods. It takes only a few minutes to connect a pipe fitting. The maximum limit simplifies the technical difficulty of on-site operations, saves man-hours, and then stabilizes the quality of the project and improves work efficiency. This is also the overall direction of device skill development.
Secondly, because the titanium standard parts are product parts, the required operation space on the site is small, and the wall-and-corner device can be completed realistically, the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, and then the floor space is saved, and the function of the pipeline device is beautified.
Is conducive to construction safety. The use of titanium standard parts connection skills, the site only needs to cut and start, roll groove machine and bolts for bolts, convenient construction arrangements. The selection of welding and flange connection requires messy power cables, cutting tools, welding machines, oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders, etc., which brings mess to the construction arrangement, and there is also a risk of leakage and fire Danger. Welding slag generated by welding and gas cutting together inevitably falls into the inside of the pipeline. During operation, pipeline valves and even equipment are easily blocked, which also pollutes the water quality in the pipeline. In addition, welding and flange connection inevitably require long-term high-strength aerial work, and simple production safety accidents also occur.
The connection of titanium standard parts is a leading pipeline connection method, which can be designed and buried, that is, there are steel joints and flexible joints. Therefore, it has a wide range of application.

① According to the system: it can be used for fire fighting water system, air conditioning cold and hot water system, water supply system, petrochemical piping system, thermoelectric and military piping system, sewage treatment piping system, etc .;

② According to the raw material of the pipeline: it can be used to connect steel pipes, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic-lined steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, thick-walled plastic pipes, hoses and valves with steel pipe joints and flange joints.