Titanium alloy, as an emerging material, has been developed and used in my country’s pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, human implants and other fields, but it has a history of nearly two decades. However, it has achieved great success and achieved significant social and economic benefits, shortening the gap between my country and the world’s advanced countries.

Since the 1970s, the Northeast Pharmaceutical General Factory, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Factory and Wuhan Pharmaceutical Factory took the lead in using titanium equipment in the production of aspirin, analgin, caffeine and other products, which not only solved the serious problems that plagued the production and development of enterprises The problem of equipment corrosion, and the quality of medicines has been greatly improved.

In recent years, a large number of titanium materials and titanium equipment have been used in the technological transformation of many domestic pharmaceutical companies and VC, VB and other products, which has also established titanium’s special position in the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical devices and surgical instruments have also been one of the fastest growing fields in recent years. Because titanium materials have special advantages as surgical instruments, they are popular among surgeons, ophthalmologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons, and are also one of the development directions of surgical instruments today. .

Another distinguishing feature of titanium alloy is its good biocompatibility, and it is therefore selected as the most ideal human implant material. For more than ten years, many research departments, medical schools, and hospitals in various countries in the world and Cnc Machining China have also done a lot of basic work and clinical research, confirming that titanium is the most ideal human implant material from the depth and breadth. Titanium has been used in these years Thousands of cases of artificial femoral heads, artificial wrist joints, knee joints, artificial dental implants, skull repairs, and cardiac pacemakers have been recorded. The research, tracking, and comparison of these years have reported that titanium is The most ideal material for human implants.