Titanium pipe is divided into two categories: seamless pipe and welded pipe = titanium seamless pipe has thermal entanglement titanium pipe and cold processed titanium pipe. Hot-worked titanium tubes include extrusion and oblique breast perforation. Cold-worked titanium tubes include cold-rolled tubes, spinning tubes, and drawn tubes. Most of the extruded products of titanium belong to the billet of cold-processed pipes, and also include some hot-extruded pipes, shaped parts, profiles and composites used as finished products. The minimum size of the pipe is 2mmx0.5mm in diameter, and the maximum length of high-precision ultra-long pure titanium seamless pipe can reach 15m.
Welded titanium tube has short production process, high production efficiency, and unlimited tube length. It is suitable for the production of thin-walled tubes with relatively simple specifications, varieties, and brands in large batches. In recent years, there have been more than 80 welded pipe productions completed and ready to be built by state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. The proportion of welded titanium pipes in titanium pipes will gradually increase.