Titanium alloy turning is easy to obtain better surface roughness, work hardening is not serious, but the cutting temperature is high, and the tool wears quickly.
In view of these characteristics, the following measures are mainly taken in terms of tools and cutting parameters:
Cutter material: YG6, YG8, YG10HT are selected according to the existing conditions of the factory.
Tool geometric parameters: suitable front and back angles of tool and rounded tip. Lower cutting speed. Moderate feed rate. Deeper cutting depth.
In addition, please pay attention to the following 3 points:
Cool down sufficiently.
When turning the outer circle, the tool tip cannot be higher than the center of the workpiece, otherwise it is easy to pierce the knife.
When turning fine and turning thin-walled parts, the main angle of the tool should be large, generally 75 ~ 90 °.