The tool wear is not serious during reaming of titanium alloy, both hard alloy and high-speed steel reamer can be used. Factory commonly used are W18Cr4V, M42, YW1, YG8, YG10HT and so on. When using carbide reamers, the rigidity of the drilling-like process system should be adopted to prevent the reamer from collapsing. The main problem that occurs when reaming titanium alloy is not only reaming, but the following solutions can be taken:
Using whetstone to narrow the width of the reamer blade, so as not to bond the blade with the hole wall, but to ensure sufficient strength, generally the blade width is 0.1 ~ 0.15mm.
The transition between the cutting edge and the calibration part should be a smooth arc. After wear, it should be sharpened in time, and the arc size of each tooth should be the same.
If necessary, increase the inverted cone of the calibration part.
Reaming twice. The coarse hinge allowance is 0.1mm, and the fine hinge allowance is generally less than 0.05mm.
The spindle speed is 60r / min.
After the retraction of the knife, the hand hinge cannot be reversed to exit, and the machine should exit the reamer without stopping.