Titanium alloy is the only metal that has the least damage to the human body, precisely because it has the least damage to the human body, and is then used as a raw material for implants such as human joints and bones.

Japan invented a high-tech toothbrush in 2005, built-in a metal titanium tube, absorbs light to generate negative ions, no need to add toothpaste to the brush head, and remove stubborn cigarettes and coffee, allowing users to maintain their teeth for a long time White, fresh breath This environmentally friendly toothbrush is named as a clinical trial and proves that its tooth cleaning effect is better than ordinary toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes. The key lies in the titanium rod connecting the toothbrush rod and the brush head, which can convert the light into negative ion energy. When the toothbrush is in contact with the teeth, the negative ions attract positive ions. The tartar and stains are disintegrated at the molecular level. There is no need to rinse after use. The extra-fine brush head ensures deep penetration into each tooth. The experiment proved that using this high-tech can effectively remove bacteria and stains in the mouth, reduce gum bleeding and allergies, and reduce the chance of suffering from gingivitis. Titanium’s excellent biocompatibility is completely non-toxic, harmless, and non-allergenic to the human body. After its surface is anodized, the oxide film formed is bacteriostatic, not only light, high strength, corrosion-resistant, but also convenient for high temperature disinfection Then, titanium alloy was made into many titanium daily necessities.

The surface of pure titanium products has a dense oxide film, which can be well adapted to various environments at normal temperature, so the pure titanium kettle has strong corrosion resistance without spraying. Faced with the weak acid or alkali environment outdoors, the pure titanium kettle can cope with it freely. No matter the river, rain, mountain or vegetation, the pure titanium kettle can directly contact with it without being corroded. Since the entire body of the kettle is not painted, the kettle presents the unique gray color of pure titanium products, and can also be heated directly to a bright color on the fire source. The surface of the bright color metal titanium of the titanium kettle is covered with a very thin naturally-occurring oxide film (titanium and oxide TiO2). This film can also become titanium rust, because a transparent film with a high refractive index is formed on the surface, and the film functions as a prism. After the light is refracted and absorbs light of different wavelengths, the color is seen. If the thickness of the oxide film is manually adjusted to 8 to 10 cm, thousands of similar colors can be displayed depending on the wavelength. Because this film is a transparent film with a high refractive index, it can show a variety of colors.

For example, the lid of the kettle is made of pure titanium and rubber. From the standpoint of corrosion resistance and health of the product, the pure titanium lid has better properties. Pure titanium products are completely harmless to the human body, so it is possible to use pure titanium containers to heat water and food. The single layer of pure titanium kettle does not have heat preservation function and is suitable for use below the snow line. The kettle with the pure titanium kettle lid can be directly heated when it is not tightened, so that the water quality is better guaranteed. Compared with the traditional stainless steel material, the density of titanium is smaller. The weight of the 550ml titanium kettle is only 99g, but the quality of the stainless steel kettle of the same specification is about twice that of the pure titanium kettle. In the process of traveling, lighter equipment often means higher efficiency. Applying pure titanium products to outdoor activities can reduce the burden of donkeys. Pure titanium is very strong, comparable to stainless steel, and far better than equally lightweight aluminum products. During the mountain climbing, collision is inevitable, even if the kettle falls on the stone, it is still intact. In some special cases, the pure titanium kettle can even be used as a support for emergency.