Generally speaking, its workpiece processing is divided into three stages: process processing stage, mathematical processing stage and machining process stage. Specifically, let us briefly introduce the three division stages of small-scale machining centers for efficient processing of workpieces.

1. Treatment of tool setting and tool changing

Complete machining of a workpiece by a small machining center requires the participation of several or even dozens of tools. In order to establish the corresponding relationship between the parameters of each tool type and the processing of each process of the workpiece, and the position of the tool change. The tool setting operation must be carried out, otherwise serious consequences will occur.

2. Selection of clamping method

We know that the most significant feature of workpiece processing in small machining centers is the centralized processing of the process, and the workpiece must be re-set for each clamping, which will greatly increase the time of auxiliary processing and affect its cnc machining efficiency, so I choose the clamping method It is possible to process most of the surface to be processed after one clamping as much as possible.

3. Tool selection

Small machining center workpieces need to be loaded into the tool magazine before machining the workpiece. The selection of the tool should be based on the cutting performance of the material of the part; the selection according to the processing stage of the part and the characteristics of the processing area.