There are various types of machining centers. Although their shapes and structures are different, they are generally composed of the following CNC machining parts.

  • (1) Basic parts: It is composed of large parts such as bed, column and workbench, which are the basic parts in the structure of the machining center. These large parts include cast iron parts and welded steel structural parts. They have to withstand the static load of the machining center and the cutting load during processing. Therefore, they must have higher static and dynamic stiffness, and they are also the parts with the largest mass and volume in the machining center. .
  • (2) Spindle components: It consists of spindle box, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing and other parts. The spindle is a key component of the machining center, and its structure has a great influence on the performance of the machining center. It determines the cutting performance, dynamic arrival, and machining accuracy of the machining center.
  • (3) CNC system: It is composed of CNC device, programmable controller, servo drive device and motor.
  • (4) Automatic tool changer (ATC): It consists of tool magazine, manipulator, drive mechanism and other components. This system is a typical device that distinguishes the machining center from other CNC machine tools. It solves the tasks of automatic storage, selection, transportation and exchange of tools between processes during the continuous processing of multiple processes after the workpiece is clamped at one time.
  • (5) Automatic pallet change system.
  • (6) Auxiliary device: including lubrication, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulic, pneumatic, detection system and other parts.